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Ask the Experts: How to Have a Conversation with your Parents About your Will…and Theirs

This week Angela and Steve update the Caravan of Hope itinerary and continue their conversation about estate planning, explaining with real-life stories the negative effect there can be on families when there is a death with no will in place.

Angela addresses such topics as:

  • How guardianship affects will-making
  • Why and HOW to have a conversation with your parents about your will…and THEIRS
  • The recent Lisa Marie Presley estate problems



Previous Episodes

Ask the Experts: Why Estate Planning is Life Planning

We have a packed episode this week!

Some of the topics Steve and Angela cover:

  • Caravan of Hope Update
  • Why Estate Planning is Life Planning
  • Why Estate Planning is for everyone
  • The importance of a living will
  • The difference between a trust and a will
  • What happens if I die without a will?



Ask the Experts: More about the Caravan of Hope

Angela and Steve outline more about the upcoming Caravan of Hope, during which Angela will travel around the country in an RV to bring legal services to LGBTQ people in conservative or rural areas.

On today’s episode Angela talks about how she can keep LGBTQ people who are not out of the closet, safe while helping them with their legal problems and she’ll also reveal which of the two Arkadelphias she will be visiting.

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Ask the Experts: Caravan of Hope Announcement

Today Angela talks about her upcoming Caravan of Hope, her cross-country tour aimed at helping some of the least served LGBTQ+ communities across the USA.

Many marginalized LGBTQ+ people in rural and conservative areas don’t have access to many kinds of legal services, or are fearful of making themselves visible.

Angela outlines her schedule so far, which towns and cities she plans to hit, and some of the services she will be offering in conjunction with local LGBTQ-friendly lawyers.


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Ask the Experts: New Year, New Estate Planning Episode!

With the start of the New Year, now is the time to take Estate Planning off the back burner.

Attorney Angela Giampolo walks us through the entire process and explains why estate planning is so important for everyone.

Also on the show:
– Prenuptial Agreements
– How to care for your pets after you are gone


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Ask the Experts: All about Name Changes

On this episode of the weekly WWDB AM radio show “Ask The Experts” we talk about the process of legal Name Changes.

What are some of the reasons people may want to change their name? How long does the name change process take? What are the rules for name changes? Are some names not allowed? Can a name change be done online? And more!


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