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Cryptocurrency Mortgages

As of September 2021 the cryptocurrency market is constantly in the news due to market changes, a new celebrity endorsing a certain coin or a new coin being released. Until recently most cryptocurrencies were only investment vehicles that were banished to the various crypto exchanges such as Coinbase, Robinhood and Slowly but surely businesses have started expanding payment options for customers by accepting crypto for transactions. Bitcoin is the primary token used but Ethereum and Dogecoin are not far behind. One of the most recent transactions certain crypto’s can be used for is purchasing a home. Crypto funded mortgages and using crypto instead of cash for real estate transactions is becoming more and more common. If you are considering buy or selling a home, and want to use cryptocurrency for one aspect of the transaction please contact our Pennsylvania attorneys handling cryptocurrency mortgages. They provide free consultations to those with real estate needs in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.