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How we work


The first step is identifying the most deserving areas and towns that we should focus on. We will work with statewide LGBTQ agencies that have information on underserved populations throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey to locate the 3 areas most in need. Once they are identified we will send canvassers in advance of our arrival date to bring awareness to LGBTQ people in the town of who we are, our exact location and the services that we will provide. Canvassers will be an indispensable tool in our initiative and most likely the crux in effectively providing legal services. If LGBTQ people in the towns we are visiting do not know we are coming, that we are a safe place and what the Caravan of Hope does, we won’t have anyone to help.

Once we identify the towns and send in canvassers, the day comes when we drive to the area. We will not park the RV directly in the town but instead 30-45 minutes away in order to ensure the safety and confidentiality of our clients. We must acknowledge that not everyone is out of the closet and willing or able to walk into the RV regardless of how much they need or want the legal services.

Lastly, we will visit the 3 towns three times over the course of the 2017 summer. In our experience, to fully service a person there needs to be more than one consultation. We will provide an intake, a deliverable meeting and with emails and phone communication between visits, the 3rd visit will aim to bring the matter to conclusion.


The Caravan of Hope seeks to provide more than just legal information that one can obtain at a workshop and instead provide impactful legal services from consultation through completion. Some of the services we will provide include:

  1. Uncontested Divorces
  2. Adoption Petitions
  3. Transgender Name Changes and Updating Legal Identify
  4. Documents
  5. Immigration Services
  6. Landlord/Tenant matters
  7. LGBTQ Employment Discrimination (where possible given on municipality laws)
  8. Elder Law Abuse
  9. Criminal Defense Assistance

We understand that people have unique and very specific legal issues that fall outside of these typical enumerated legal services and we will do our very best to provide them with the legal assistance they deserve.

“Caravan of Hope shows how helping locally can make a nationwide impact.”

Statistics on the LGBTQ populations of Pennsylvania and New Jersey


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