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Contesting A Will

contesting a will People often times embrace the administration of a will for the closure and peace of mind it offers them. This feeling of relief can be even more pronounced if there was conflict regarding the estate leading up to its administration. At our Pennsylvania law firm, we are deeply committed to assisting our clients and their loved ones resolve any estate litigation issues that arise. We strive to do this quickly and effectively while taking into account the emotional issues surrounding the dispute. All avenues of legal recourse are examined in an effort to reduce the amount of stress placed on the family. If you are involved in contesting a will or defending its provisions, you can schedule an initial consultation by calling our attorneys. You can also email our PA LGBT attorneys here.

Matters Regarding a Will Contest

Individuals and or multiple family members can legally contest a will for numerous reasons. The LGBTQ estate planning lawyers at our firm have ample experience handling a vast array of will contesting matters. This is both in terms of contesting the will as well as defending them and can involve the following:

Undue Influence Allegations
Improper Will Amendments
Wills Lacking Necessary Witness Signatures or Other Formalities
Questions Surrounding Mental State of Will Creator at Time Will Was Drafted
Other Situations Resulting in Will Contests/Disputes

Caring, Compassionate LGBTQ Estate Attorneys

Confronting a will dispute can be a daunting task. When grieving the loss of a loved one it can be even more inundating. At Donze & Donze, we are very sensitive to these concerns and commit ourselves to resolving the dispute so you and your loved ones can begin healing.

Contact Our LGBT+ Estate Planning Lawyers

You need to protect your interests during a will contest. We have the necessary skills and experience to help you through it. Please feel free to contact our Pennsylvania gay estate planning lawyers to schedule an initial consultation.  We look forward to meeting with you and discussing legal avenues for dispute resolution.