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Sexual Abuse

sexual abuseSexual abuse, child sex abuse, elder sex abuse, adult sex abuse and LGBTQ sexual assault, is a crime in the United States which includes Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico. Perpetrators can be individuals such as family members, friends, neighbors and other children or adults. The assailant can also be an entity or When an entity it is punishable by huge fines, jail time, probation, and sex offender registration requirements for life. However, any criminal sentence for a conviction does little to help you get your life back as a victim. Plus, if your abuser was never charged or convicted, you may feel that your options to get justice are limited. Fortunately, law protects victims of sexual abuse by providing other, non-criminal, legal remedies. At Giampolo Law Group, our sexual abuse attorneys have experience pursuing individuals who caused the abuse or allowed it to continue. Please contact our Pennsylvania child sexual abuse attorneys to set up a consultation regarding your case, and read on for some important information about compensation for a sexual abuse, elder abuse or child sex abuse claim.

Protecting Your Rights Through A Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

Most injury victims know they are entitled to benefits and financial compensation if injured in a car crash, on someone’s property, or an on the job injury. What most people do not know is that you may be entitled to compensation and you can seek legal recourse if you, or your child or elderly parent, is the victim of sexual assault. In addition, your rights in a sex abuse case are similar in that you seek compensation because of someone’s wrongdoing. Also, the difference is that negligence is to blame in injury-causing accidents, whereas intentional misconduct is behind sex abuse.

These cases are called intentional torts, and you can file a civil lawsuit to recover compensation. To prove your case, you must show that you were the victim of sexual abuse and suffered losses as a result. So, you should note that a lower standard of proof applies in civil cases. So, you don’t need to show proof beyond a reasonable doubt as you would in a criminal matter.

Defendants In Sexual Assault Litigation

As painful as it may be, filing a sex abuse injury lawsuit will hold your abuser accountable. In addition to the assailant themselves there are additional parties that can absolutely be liable in a civil case for sexual abuse. In some situations, there might have been some other person or entity with authority over the person who mistreated you. It may be possible to also seek compensation from:

  • The school, school district, college or university that employed the abusive teacher, coach, or employee;
  • The church where the offensive minister, priest, or another member of the clergy served
  • A school group or youth troop that allowed the abusing individual access to children such as Boy Scouts of America
  • Police officers and prison officials who did nothing to stop sexual abuse of prisoners
  • Healthcare providers such as doctors, nurses, patient care technicians and the medical center themselves
  • Assisted living homes, nursing homes, rehab and drug treatment facilities
  • Mental health facilities including inpatient and outpatient such as Devereux Mental Health
  • Music teachers, tutors, coaches and martial arts instructors

Many forms of compensation may be available in a sexual abuse lawsuit, as your pain and trauma is severe lifelong, life-changing. Monetary damages for emotional distress are the most common type. Along with medical bills, suffering, and diminished quality of life.

Contact Our Sexual Abuse Attorneys For A Free Case Review

If you, or perhaps a loved one, have been the victim of sexual abuse, it may be hard to think that monetary damages could make the horrific experience go away. However, compensation may support you through difficult times and is there in an effort to help make you whole again. Also, it can be applicable to therapies to help you recover from the ordeal. To learn more about your rights, please contact our PA sex abuse attorneys to schedule a free consultation.