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Queer Lawyers

queer lawyers In the acronym LGBTQIA the ‘Q’ stands for queer. Many times the gender identification queer is expressed as genderqueer as the 2 are used interchangeably. Queer is becoming a more and more common way of gender identification. If you identify as queer (or gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, etc.) and have a legal need please contact our team of queer lawyers. They handle all areas of law and provide free case examinations. For accident, injury, medical malpractice and most employment claims they operate on a contingency fee basis which translates to no fees up front and no fees at all if they don’t obtain benefits and financial compensation for you. And as with all case types they will go above and beyond in an effort to get you the best possible outcome. Please click here to connect with our queer lawyers to start your free case evaluation.

With offices in Pennsylvania and New Jersey they serve all of each state. They also have a referral network spanning the entire nation including Puerto Rico and Washington D.C.

Queer Defined

As mentioned above genderqueer is a gender identity that’s built around the term “queer.” Identifying as queer means existing in a way that doesn’t necessarily align with heterosexual or homosexual norms. Although it’s typically used to describe a person’s sexual orientation, it can also be used to express a nonbinary gender identity. A “queer” gender may fall outside of, fall in between, or fluctuate among the binary gender categories of man and woman. People who are genderqueer often experience their gender as fluid which means it can shift and change at any given time. Genderqueer can also describe a position of questioning one’s gender identity during a particular period of time or in an ongoing way. Not only is it one of the most common identities under the transgender umbrella, younger generations are increasingly identifying as genderqueer. A 2017 survey conducted by GLAAD found that 1% of the overall population of 18- to 34-year-olds identifies as genderqueer.

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