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Why Have a Virtual Meeting?

Finding time to meet with an attorney can be difficult for several reasons

  • Distance—you may live far away from the attorney of your choice.
  • Time—you may be unable to find the time when you can make it to an attorney’s office.
  • Preference—you may simply prefer to transact business virtually.

Giampolo Law Group’s (GLG’s) Virtual Legal Services Department addresses these issues. You can work with one of our attorneys virtually and receive the same quality, legal solutions as you would get if you came into one of our offices.

Virtual services can help you avoid

  • Travel expenses
  • Parking tickets
  • Taking time off from work

Areas of law that can be addressed virtually

  • Estate planning.
  • Business formation.
  • Buying and selling the property.
  • Trademarking.
  • Name changes.
  • Uncontested divorces.

We will speak with you about your needs, draft the documents, and then provide them to you when completed. Moreover, through screen-sharing, we can speak and see your documents while we make revisions in real-time.

After we work out the legalities, we will send your documents through our encrypted, and secure platform for a signature.

Privacy Concerns

In today’s era of hacking and breaches, security is a paramount concern in building the virtual legal services department.

We use client portals with 24-hour access and multiple levels of security to protect communication and documents. Moreover, you can set appointments and pay your invoices securely without the hassles of multiple emails or calling the office to provide credit card information.

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