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Tune in to SpeakOUT, my LGBTQ radio show airing on Q102 PhillyRadio 104.5 and Mix 106.1 during the What’s going On show on Sunday mornings! Every week on SpeakOUT, I highlight LGBTQ topics ranging from cultural happenings and legal issues to poignant interviews with community leaders. SpeakOUT would not be possible but for the formidable Loraine Ballard Morrill who is producing the show! 
In this week’s segment of SpeakOUT we discuss two very different topics – the “Diaper Debate” and conversion therapy. With the ever-evolving modern family, diaper changing stations in men’s restrooms should be the norm. Since the taping of this segment we have raised enough money to put diaper changing stations in four restaurants!
Moreover, we discuss the appalling practice of conversion therapy. Regardless of your stance on homosexuality, children should never be subjected to such practices, which in my opinion are nothing short of abuse. And federal judges agree; last Thursday, the Federal Appeals Court upheld the New Jersey law prohibiting conversion therapy for minors and rejected Anti-LGBT groups’ constitutional challenges to the law.
Listen here!: