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To show the parties a collaborative way through the divorce process. Providing pathways beyond the cycles of dispute and inherent conflict in traditional divorce proceedings, prioritizing cooperation and transparency to allow the parties to craft solutions that respect each of their individual needs. Preparing individuals to envision a healthy resolution and future on the other side of their divorce.

di-VISION is committed to (a) educating divorcing spouses about collaborative divorce options, (b) empowering divorcing couples to address their unique concerns, with creative solutions, not available in the traditional divorce process, (c) promoting a new culture of divorce that recognizes the benefits of cooperation by all parties, and (d) setting the standard for leadership in providing collaborative divorce services.

di-VISION will help you understand strategies to secure the most satisfying resolution to your divorce with as little of the pain and turmoil experienced with more traditional divorce routes. By de-emphasizing the legal, financial, and therapeutic conflicts in divorce, and integrating communication strategies, di-VISION workshops guide divorcing couples towards resolutions that empower them to move beyond the conflict in marriage and divorce.

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