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About OUTside the Box

Hosted by Your Gay Lawyer, Angela Giampolo, OUTside the Box is a one-hour talk show and national podcast that provides listeners with a fresh perspective on all things rogue, outside the box, and gay!

OUTside the Box is the LGBTQ community’s premier program for keeping up with current events and trending topics, while also gaining insight into key topics. In just one hour, OUTside the Box delves into everything from recent LGBTQ legal developments, to the latest news headlines, business insights, and humorous and satirical content, leaving listeners informed, interested, and wanting more.

Our guest interviews give OUTside the Box listeners exclusive access to a wide range of business, political, social, and creative leaders, and get them talking about key issues relevant to the LGBTQ community. The show is the first of its kind.


Discussing LGBTQ-related legal developments.

What’s News

Commentary on current events and news headlines.

LGBTQ Business

Interviews with featured entrepreneurs and business leaders.

What do You Meme!?

Short comic break discussing trending pop culture moments.

Perspectives, with Your Gay Lawyer

An intimate interview with a lead featured guest.


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