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Legal Malpractice

Our LGBTQ legal malpractice lawyers hold negligent attorneys accountable for their actions. Located in Philadelphia we handle these cases in PA, NJ and the rest of the country. Our law firm is known for getting results and has decades of experience handling a variety of legal malpractice cases. Attorney malpractice can come in many forms and can significantly harm your case as well as your future.

LGBTQ Rights Attorneys Handling Legal Malpractice Cases

The gay friendly attorneys on our team have many years experience in protecting the rights of LGBTQIA+ community members. This includes victims of legal malpractice. Our legal negligence lawyers understand how to address the following types of cases:

  • Conflicts of interest such as representing two parties in the same case
  • Ethics violations, such as disclosing facts about your case to a third party
  • Incompetent legal representation, such as conducting an insufficient investigation
  • Missed deadlines, such as failing to file court documents on time
  • Intentional wrongdoing

Mistakes such as these can compromise your case resulting in damages. They can also cause your claim to be thrown out. Losing money or your case due to an ineffective or negligent attorney can be frustrating. Let our gay rights lawyers help you recover and make sure you finally get the respect and justice you deserve. The bottom line: Our legal experts hold other lawyers who have committed a tort against you accountable.

As our malpractice lawyers prepare thoroughly for each and every case. This involves prepping as if it were going to go to litigation, otherwise known as trial. They’ll research your case fully and prepare a strong case proving attorney malpractice and what extent of damages and suffering it caused. Clearly, our queer malpractice attorneys are not afraid to go to trial. Once retained, they will fight to get you the compensation you deserve and hold lawyers accountable for their negligent or careless actions.

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