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Military Law

military law The gay, lesbian, queer, transgender, bi-sexual, gender fluid and non-binary community make up give or take 10% of the United States military population as of September 2021. Officers and enlisted service members are accounted for in these statistics with enlisted making up the majority of LGBT+ members. There may be more than that but this is the number of members who identify. Just as they can serve their country like everyone else they have rights like all other service members. Those are equal pay rights and civil and Constitutional rights like not being discriminated against and not to be retaliated against for any reason. If you are a LGBTQ military member and have any sort of legal need please contact our military law attorneys serving the LGBT+ community nationwide and abroad.

Our LGBTQIA military law lawyers help those in all branches of the armed forces: Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, Navy & Coast Guard. In addition to serving all members of the armed forces they also have the capacity to serve military members stationed abroad and or deployed.

A common misconception all military members have is that they give up all, or most of their rights, when enlisting or entering the military. While you do relinquish some rights in exchange for food, shelter and pay you also keep many civil liberties. That includes the right to legal counsel for most legal matters. Part of that is being able to retain a private attorney i.e. one that is not a Judge Advocate General (JAG) officer. Some of the more common case types our gay military attorneys handle are:

3M earplug lawsuits

AFFF firefighting foam cancer lawsuits

Article 15 hearings

Auto accidents both on and off base


Criminal defense

Employment law

Estate planning

Family law including divorce

Hospital negligence both military, civilian and VA hospitals


Legal malpractice

Medical negligence

Nursing home abuse

Occupational and work related injuries

Personal injury

Premises liability

Trucking accidents

Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) violations

Wrongful death

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Regardless of whether or not you are an active duty member, reservist or dependent you have rights that our queer military attorneys can protect. There are no case types we do not handle and all case evaluations are free of charge. For accident, injury, federal and many employment law cases there are no fees charged unless they obtain benefits for you and your family. Please click here to initiate your free case review no matter what branch, state or country pertains to you.