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Start-up companies need effective and strategic legal planning to maximize resources for the best launch possible. Giampolo Law Group understands the issues facing today’s entrepreneurs, and we pride ourselves on flexible, affordable start-up legal packages. Your company is like no other, and we can customize our legal solutions that cater to your specific needs.

Too often, new companies rely on discount legal and incorporation services to save costs. These services legally create the company, but they cut corners in investment protection and in setting legal safeguards.  They do the paperwork, but do not provide substantive legal guidance or business formation and structuring.

We excel in supporting businesses as they grow and evolve, providing our clients with strong legal insight that builds the foundation for future success.  Our business formation and structuring services include:

  • Entity Selection and Formation
  • Accounting and Finance Planning
  • Preparation for Raising Capital and Reaching Outside Investors
  • Intellectual Property Planning
  • Employment Matters and Benefit Plans
  • Drafting and Negotiating Commercial Contracts
  • Partnership and Limited Liability Company Agreements
  • Contract Templates for Future Use

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