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LGBTQ+ Adoptions & Alternative Reproduction

Giampolo Law Group acknowledges that successful LGBTQ+ Adoptions & Alternative Reproduction have three basic phases:

  1. Finding a Match
  2. The Legal Process
  3. Emotional Adjustments

All three phases are individually complicated and we will guide you through the entire adoption process, which may include any of the following:

  • Privately licensed adoption agency finalizations
  • Public agency finalizations
  • Independent (or private) adoptions
  • Interstate adoptions, both independent and agency
  • Stepparent adoptions
  • International adoptions
  • Opening adoption records
  • Embryo adoptions
  • Assistance in obtaining home-study services
  • Single parent adoptions
  • Relative adoptions
  • Termination of parental rights

Whether it’s in the United States or around the world, bringing new families together is a rewarding part of Giampolo Law Group’s LGBTQ+ practice. We want our LGBTQ+ clients to focus on the enjoyment of growing their family, without worrying about the complex procedural hurdles of same-sex adoption.

GLG will coordinate the parties, court, and state agencies, as well as identify opportunities to expedite the process to save our clients both time and money. GLG possesses in-depth knowledge of the Hague Convention on Protection of Children, as well as federal and state statutes on adoptions, which makes navigating the challenges of LGBTQ+ international adoptions easier.

Moreover, GLG is adept at dealing with complex jurisdictional differences, and we possess the cultural sensitivity necessary to complete international adoptions.

While the legal process varies depending on the type of adoption, each state requires that LGBTQ+ adoptions comply with a number of legal and non-legal requirements prior to approval and finalization.

Whether you are contemplating an open adoption, domestic adoption, or a co-parent adoption of a spouse or partner’s child, Giampolo Law Group will provide you the counsel required to navigate this complex path.

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