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Business Law

The Giampolo Law Group provides the protections and benefits of an In-house Counsel relationship to its corporate clients at a cost the client can afford. When a legal dispute arises, the benefits of having an attorney knowledgeable about your business are unmistakable. At GLG, we are equipped to proactively prevent litigation and we can resolve the issue at a fraction of the cost.

GLG assists clients with a wide array of business transactions. We have experience in the areas of entity formation, contracts, franchising, land use and zoning. We identify business and legal issues quickly, offer practical advice aiming to close transactions expeditiously. In negotiating, we advocate your behalf without jeopardizing business transactions over concerns that are theoretical rather than practical.

Examples of services we provide include:

Entity formation
Choosing whether to operate as a Sole Proprietor, LLC, S-Corporation, Non-Profit, Corporation or the several other entity choices, is crucial to the design and development of your business. There are significant tax implications and the decision will affect many aspects of your business's future throughout its life. Proper structuring results in significant tax savings, more harmonious interaction between business owners, protection of the owners' private assets, and a smooth exit strategy.

Employment law
Your employees are the heart of your business. As federal and state regulations become more complex, many business owners are turning to attorneys to keep them on course with government requirements. Our job is to help you develop and implement policies that are fair to employees. If you are a business owner striving to devise fair and compliant employee practices, we can guide you.

In every business transaction, from selling a home to buying a latte, there is a contract. If your business is active, from time to time, you will have a disagreement with a customer or vendor. It's reassuring to have reliable legal counsel to turn to when the problem cannot be resolved by the parties. We will review the issue or contract in question and work to resolve the problem for you. Most importantly, we will help you develop strategies that prevent some of these disputes from arising.

Business Continuation Plans
Business owners tend to have elaborate estate plans to provide for their family but many business owners operate without a business continuation plan. Whether your goal is to sell your business, go public, or pass the enterprise to your heirs, we can guide you through the planning process, maximizing your benefit and protection.