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Giampolo Law Group Team

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At Giampolo Law Group (GLG), we’re passionate about helping you achieve your business and personal goals. Our firm is changing what people expect from their attorneys by delivering customized, results-driven legal services to every business, organization, and individual we represent. GLG legal and business expertise is matched only by our commitment to client service.

GLG is a boutique law firm dedicated to identifying and fulfilling a diverse range of personal and business needs for our clients. We provide innovative, efficient, and results-driven legal solutions to set up, develop and optimize your business while still protecting your personal assets. Whether your concerns are those of an established company, start-up business, charitable organization, property owner, or inventor, or involve relationships or family planning, GLG combines unmatched expertise with a customized and cost-effective approach to client service.

GLG has an impressive track record of success with our clients in a wide variety of legal and business pursuits, including Corporate Law, Start-Up Ventures, LGBT Law, Family, Adoption and Surrogacy Law, Real Estate, Civil Rights and Transgender Law.

As a boutique practice, such diverse expertise is vital because we learn and grow with our clients as their needs evolve over time. GLG’s unwavering dedication to service, education, and preparation put our clients in the best possible position for success.

Our Approach

Most law firms organize themselves according to specific, and far too often, rigidly defined “practice areas” and geographic regions. Despite its popularity and convenience, this structure often does a disservice to clients. You deserve better.

Very rarely does a client’s needs fit neatly into a single box. An effective attorney, no matter what their particular expertise, must engage with each client to truly understand the complexities and inter-relationships of their legal concerns. Separating one from the other, or isolating a single issue without analyzing the bigger picture, is the equivalent of patching over a problem instead of addressing the root cause. We are committed to servicing our clients holistically.

At GLG, how we serve our clients is crucial to achieving success on their behalf. We value the process of getting to know you, and the challenge of developing the most innovative, efficient and effective solutions to meet your needs.

Legal processes and business matters can be intimidating and overwhelming. Our model of service simplifies otherwise complex issues and procedures while keeping clients informed and engaged every step of the way. It’s GLG’s rigorous adherence to these principles which guarantees that you will receive unparalleled advice and representation delivered with ingenuity, passion, and precision.

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