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At a di-VISION seminar, you will hear from financial, legal, and therapeutic experts about the divorce process. Each of our experts will present their area of knowledge and how the divorce process is impacted in each area. How a collaborative divorce can provide a more positive outcome in the ways legal, financial and emotional decisions are considered. Finally, strategies will be shared that you can use in your own divorce to reach better solutions with less conflict.

Each seminar will start with a brief introduction to the collaborative divorce process. Then each professional will spend thirty to forty-five minutes on each of their areas, integrating topics as needed. A short break will be taken at the mid-way point of the seminar, and we will close with a question and answer session for general questions.

Our legal expert will focus on topics including the alternative solutions that exist in divorcing and how the legal process works. Both the traditional divorce process and collaborative divorce options have significant overlaps in the legal filings. The difference is how creatively and collaboratively you come to final agreements and how much or how little conflict is experienced.

Financial topics include the importance of the organization of your financial information, the impact of taxes on property, social security, health insurance and protecting yourself in divorce. We will also discuss mortgages and other debts shared by partners, and how divorce may affect those debts.

The therapeutic professional will focus on the emotional impact on the self and the family when going through a divorce. No matter how collaborative the process, it still will take an emotional toll. Being aware of the impact on you and on others is one of the primary focuses of our therapeutic presentation. Additionally, some time will be spent on the emotional impact on children of the relationship.

The goal is to gain insight, information and a deeper understanding of benefits of the integration of the legal, financial and emotional considerations of a divorce. Attendees will leave with strategies and solutions to use themselves to improve on their own experience whether they pursue a collaborative divorce or not.

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